Manjila Nakarmi

San Francisco Bay Area

(510) 599-3435


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX/JSON, node.js, Ruby on Rails, React, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, MongoDB, Express.js.


Web Development Immersive / General Assembly

12-week intensive course that builds fluency in full-stack web development with emphasis on work-ready skill set. Built fully functional applications utilizing Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, React, Nodejs, Expressjs, MongoDB, SQL, NoSQL.


Created a Ruby on Rails app that populated the events table from an API call from Eventbrite. The app lets the user attend events and favorite the events and add it to their calendar. Personally built the front-end while also working on the database and associations between models.

Dream Catcher

Individually created a journal app that used Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB with implementation of Ejs and jquery in the front end. Created the database and the associations while being able to CRUD.


Collaborated with team members to develop a blog like app that used Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB where travelers go and post a card (blog post that mimics the polaroid pictures). Created the card database as well as the front end of the app. Integrated associations between different models and referencing them on searches.

JUNE 2014

Host/ Great China Restaurant


APRIL 2018

Web Development Immersive and Front End Web Development / General Assembly, SF

MAY 2017

Bachelor of Science/ San Francisco State University>