Manjila Nakarmi

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Web Developer in the San Francisco Bay Area who loves watching animation in spare time. Willing to learn new technologies and build on different skills. Would love to collaborate on new projects. Love to travel, ocasionally practice photography and be a foodie. Organized, grounded and a great communicator by nature.










"Manjila was an outstanding student in my Front-End Web Development course, where she created a responsive personal portfolio as her final project. I could tell from the questions she asked that she had reviewed the course materials in advance. It was a pleasure having her in class discussions where she helped other students troubleshoot their code. In fact, one of the other students in the class privately told me that working with her helped him master that day's lesson. I believe Manjila would make an excellent web developer and a great asset to any team!"

- Larissa Muramoto

"A Well traveled and multicultural person, Manjila serves as the perfect collaborator in our class. Manjila stems from a tough background that built her resilient character. She understands the importance of failing fast and moving on in the programming world and also integrates her business/organizational skills in order to analyze code more efficiently. Above all, she is a giver, a leader, and exquisitely shares her knowledge with the rest of team at any given chance."

- Kingsley Nyaosi

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